When we opened our doors back in 2013, ARGONAUT set out to create a place for people’s dream jobs. Over the past seven years, we’ve learned a humbling amount about the benefit of fostering an environment grounded in diverse perspectives, balance, and total respect for one other. And, while we know there is still so much more to learn, we are committed to making sure that all ARGONAUTs are seen, heard, and able to thrive - making the best work of their lives. This means consistently making sure that we are creating dream jobs not only for a “few,” but for everyone in the ARGONAUT family.

We believe that when groups of diverse, divergent, and eclectic minds come together and work seamlessly without ego, that’s when the world’s most breakthrough, most effective creative work is unlocked. So, fueled by our agency values of Curiosity, Hope, and Ambition, we stand committed to being the change we want to see.

CURIOSITY. We will take a deep look within ourselves, listen hard, and create opportunities to learn about each other’s stories and cultures. We will continue to engage in the open dialogues that unfortunately have waited until now to be had, even if they are uncomfortable. We will put in the hard work of rising above our unconscious biases and expand our understanding of what’s truly possible when a diverse group of voices are heard.
HOPE. We have the privilege, and the responsibility, to use the power of creativity to influence not only the culture within our walls but also to reflect and shape the world we want to see outside our walls. A world that is free from racial injustice, white supremacy, and destructive stereotypes. We are committed to extending our internal DE&I mission to be reflected in our partners, our co-collaborators, our vendors, and ultimately in our work.
AMBITION. And perhaps most importantly, we will continue to support and invest in hiring a more diverse workforce—especially within agency leadership—which reflects both the vibrant, dynamic, and eclectic world in which we live as well as the audiences whom we serve and influence. We are committed to growth, promotion, and pay equality for all ARGONAUTs. And we will be transparent, sharing publicly not only where we are today, but the promised progress we’ll make.
We, at ARGONAUT, commit to change.

  Company Executive Director Creative
Female 51% 50% 45% 50%
Male 49% 50% 55% 50%
  Asian Black Latinx 2+ Races White Unknown
Company 14% 6% 9% 5% 63% 3%
U.S. Pop. 6% 13% 18% 3% 60% 0%
BIPOC Breakdowns
  Brand Mgmt Creative Strategy Operations Production
  27% 30% 50% 63% 23%
  Executive Director Senior Mid-Level Junior
  50% 17% 45% 29% 83%

Note: Our male / female gender classification is based off of EEO-1 categories in order to align with federal reporting requirements. This categorization does not reflect our opinion as we believe that gender is non-binary.

We will be updating this page with our progress as we continue to act on our commitment to change.