Talk About Delicious

When Hershey’s approached us for a project for Brookside, we took stock of the brand. Name that sounds like a nursing home? Check. Logo that looks like clip art from Microsoft Word? Check. But what we did have was an irresistibly delicious project with a tiny-but-rabid fan base online. So all we had to do was give them a voice.


We developed an affable Brookside spokesperson who served as the voice of our fans while also delivering a consistent branding device. Notice how he is standing by the side…of a brook? Nice. And for the procurement folks in the room, this approach also allowed us to efficiently capture an incredible amount of content over the course of a 2-day shoot: enough for 23 videos and dozens of stills for social posts.

When one of our customers posted about wanting a larger-sized bag, we over-delivered on his ask and engineered a fun social contest that enabled someone to win their own 100-lb bag of delicious Brookside chocolate.

Bunn Bag

This consistent use of our spokesperson spread easily across social, encouraging our customers to post even more comments —which we then turned into compelling in-store advertising.