Cricket Wireless
Something to Smile About

When we launched our campaign for Cricket in 2014, the wireless category reeked of “my claim is bigger than yours” competitive shouting, but was sorely in need of some cheer. We set out to remind people of all the mobile happiness that their wireless carrier could bring, and stand apart from the noise.

This approach created a highly cohesive design system that lived effortlessly across all media types. We immediately stood out from the pack, owning our distinctive green color while wrapping our proof points in memorable posters, banners, and print ads.


We then brought our campaign to the mobile social space, because what brings more smiles than liking (and getting liked) on Instagram?


And at the precise moment when most people are thinking about shushing their devices, we reminded people of all the fun you can have on your phone, with a custom cinema program that ran nationwide.

For a retail-driven category like wireless, it’s all about driving door-swings. Our flexible design system let us wrap seasonal promotions in distinctive creative that works in highly efficient :15 broadcast media.

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