Find Your Fit

When we began working with Fitbit in 2014, they had spent seven years growing their user base through grassroots marketing and great products. But in order to withstand major headwinds on the horizon, à la the likes of the first Apple Watch, as well as Samsung and Garmin entering the Wearable category, they knew they needed to double down on their marketing efforts.

Instead of looking at wearable technology as something for those who work out, we democratized the idea of fitness, making it accessible to anyone who simply wanted to improve themselves (which was pretty much everybody). The “Find Your Fit” campaign literally made Fitbit the leader, and Apple, Garmin, and Samsung the followers, and was easily transcreated across 20 global markets. It afforded us the ability to be highly relevant to the masses, but also extremely personal to individual users—something that was equally demonstrated by Fitbit’s breadth of offerings and the customizable, decidedly targeted work that fell out of the brand platform.




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Fit for Food

In February 2015, we created FitForFood—an initiative that made physical fitness an engine for charitable giving.

The idea was simple: for every calorie our Fitbit community burned, we would donate one calorie of food to families in need. The results were extraordinary; in 16 days, we burned one billion calories and helped feed over 500,000 people in need.


2017 North American Effie – Winner, Fitness and Wellness category