Fitbit —
Find Your Fit

It’s not every day you get to work on a brand that pioneers an industry, transforms lives, and frees people from the shackles of a tired, one-size-fits-all fitness formula.

In 2014 we got the amazing privilege of starting a different dialogue about health and wellness: one that didn’t demand you to just do it, but that empowered you to find your fit.

As Fitbit’s mission is to inspire and enable everyone to live a healthier and happier life, a key pillar for all of our work was to make sure that all the people in our campaigns were more than just great actors—they had to have a great fitness story to tell as well.



Team Hoyt

While filming our first global anthem, we found an incredible story that spoke to a level of humanity well beyond any step tracked or calorie burned. This is the story of how fitness forged an unbreakable bond between a father and his son.

When it came time to launch new products, we turned to a more archetypal storytelling approach, telling stories of parenthood, marriage, and unrequited love.


Big Day



In print, we developed unique partnerships with publishers like Men’s Fitness to feature our products on cover wraps bespoke for each magazine.

Fit for Food

In February 2015, we created FitForFood—an initiative that made physical fitness an engine for charitable giving.

The idea was simple: for every calorie our Fitbit community burned, we would donate one calorie of food to families in need. The results were extraordinary; in 16 days, we burned one billion calories and helped feed over 500,000 people in need.


2017 North American Effie – Winner, Fitness and Wellness category