Never Stop

The truth is, very few categories have more narrow and fewer POVs than the beauty industry. For a long, long time, “inspirational” has meant a pretty face, maybe a celebrity, and a cute tagline. And then brands like Dove came along and opened the door for a new conversation, which was awesome in that it included more types of women. But it was still Dove’s definition of beauty, implicitly telling women what to be. Be authentic. Be brave. Be real.

So in honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to make Sephora, the company who literally has “everything” beauty, into a brand that stands for true and pure inclusivity. We leaned into extreme diversity and real inclusivity when casting, and we developed a strong hashtag—#NeverStop—that ran across Facebook and Instagram and encouraged women to join in the conversation.

Never Stop


Our idea caught on like wildfire and was shared not only nationally, but globally, in places like France, Turkey, Scandinavia, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. We saw immediate lifts in Ad Recall and Brand Consideration. But most importantly, the #NeverStop campaign demonstrated the timely and universal importance of the conversion around inclusivity and put Sephora right at the center of it.