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We believe there is no greater feeling than helping a brand get the wind back in its sails.

We are at our best when working with iconic brands who are looking for, or in the midst of, re-appraisal, re-vitalization, re-invention, re-imagination. We thrive when working at points of inflection, and our depth of senior talent is uniquely qualified to operate as a flagship partner, leading organizations through truly brand-defining moments.

A ship in harbor is safe. But that is not what ships are built for.

We have always been drawn to people with a sense of adventure. Those who are willing to sail into the unknown. You never know how far you can go until you find yourself at the edge of what came before and what has never been. Or, as we see it, the collision of what is timeless and what is timely. So, we created an advertising agency to serve those curious, courageous risk-takers. No icon was ever created without its share of risk. But if you replace the word “risk” with “creativity,” that’s where the real treasure lies.

You have to be willing to tie a knot.

The knot, the smallest yet most powerful part of any ship, comes in many shapes and forms. But you have to be willing to tie them along the way or else you’ll never begin. It’s all about a commitment. To a partnership. To a vision. To an idea. And to being true to your past while innovating into the future.

The map is never finished.

You can only rely on a map for so long, until the world around it changes. That doesn’t erode the value of having a map; it just means you must stay aware of how it needs to be updated. We believe in constantly learning, optimizing, and innovating. Our hopeful spirit is fed by an optimism that’s informed, not cautious. We pay reverence to the paths that have come before while being unafraid to create new processes for new challenges.

Some of our work: