Hunter Hindman

Chief Creative Officer

As ARGONAUT’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Hunter operates by the belief that everyone who walks through the door is creative. He strives for talent who can build and champion ideas to become more insightful, more creatively powerful, and most importantly, more effective for our clients’ businesses. Hunter is collaborative to his core, serving as a true business confidante due to the open mind he brings to every creative discussion, as well as his exceptional ability to listen and build ideas in partnership. And his spirit of never settling is best exemplified by the agency principle that “if you have 5 minutes, make the work 5 minutes better."

Ana Dixon

Chief Financial Officer

Ana, ARGONAUT CFO, is probably best known for the level of collaboration, creativity, and open-mindedness she brings to the financial stewardship of the agency. She is a self-proclaimed analytical thinker who thrives in artistic environments and with personalities of all types—a quality that is obviously coveted within a creative industry like advertising. Ana provides a perspective that keeps business goals (for both client and agency) top of mind, while helping to formulate strategy and reinforce it with action. Intimately familiar with developing operational infrastructure, compensation models, and financial processes for a multitude of creative firms, we can always count on Ana to deliver on the business side of creativity.

JT Pierce

Managing Director

As Managing Director, JT oversees the agency’s development of people and process. He brings with him a uniquely esteemed background due to his diverse professional experiences within creative agencies, a global consulting company, as well as time spent on the client-side. His business and strategic acumen is equally matched by his creative intuition and optimism. And the dynamic he brings to ARGONAUT is one built on thoughtfulness and insight—both about building the agency as well as anticipating shifting trends in the advertising and marketing landscape.

Katie Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Katie oversees growth, business development, PR, and overall agency communications. She has been with ARGONAUT since we opened in 2013, so she has gained an intimate understanding about our strengths and opportunities, as well as the potential for where we can go. Her vision for the future of ARGONAUT is ambitious, yet grounded in an informed optimism. Katie has a remarkable, yet unassuming, quality of bringing a well-founded point of view to the table that remains open to (and perhaps guided by) her own curiosity. Her passion for the agency is as contagious as her demeanor is approachable—both traits reflective of the agency team at large.

Alan Stout

Co-Head of Strategy

As Co-Head of Strategy, Alan helps people want things. He believes that strategy should create more than intent to purchase, it should actually help drive the bottom line and make people feel good about the products and services they need. What sets Alan apart from the average strategist is his desire for true understanding of both our clients’ businesses and their target audiences. He’s equally as excited to explore inventive methods to gain consumer insights as he is to find new and unique ways to inspire creativity at the agency, and he strives for work that creates evidence-based change. He has a legit strategy pedigree but isn’t an ad nerd. His fashion sense is questionable, however, no one can question his commitment to representing the interests of the brands he works with and the people who love them.

Brian Olsen

Co-Head of Strategy

As Co-Head of Strategy, Brian brings his background in media and connection planning to ensure a harmonious balance of communications strategy to the brand challenges we face every day. He always comes to the table with an informed point of view that benefits from the fact that he’s equal parts left- and right-brained. His obsession with analytic rigor is equally matched by his passion for pop culture. Brian believes that while great ideas are media agnostic, the most breakthrough work is media biased, and he endeavors to find the best executions for ideas across all of the agency’s clients.

Maura Heilbron

Head of Culture

As Head of Culture, Maura oversees all aspects of the ARGONAUT experience. Leading everything from onboarding and training to agency events and community outreach, she is the ambassador of the ARGONAUT brand inside and out. Maura ensures that as the agency grows, we are also furthering the growth, development, and happiness of our people—an effort that has resulted in ARGONAUT’s multiple appearances on Ad Age’s Best Places to Work list.