“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Hunter Hindman
SVP, Chief Creative Director
Cai Lam
Senior Brand Strategist
Katie Miller
Chief Marketing Officer
Kinzie Buckley
Senior Copywriter
Jasmin Guinn
Motion Designer
Alan Stout
Head of Strategy
Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re nerds. We are a group of people who simply love learning. We obsessively chase the “why.” And the “how,” and the “when,” and the “who….” You get it. This means we treat our clients’ businesses as our own and we aren’t afraid of testing or measurement. In fact, we seek it out. Proactively even. We have an undying need to know how our work is working and if it could be working harder, we fearlessly aim to understand why and then fix it.
Dora Lee
Senior Digital Producer
Rob Calabro
Executive Creative Director
Mary King
Facilities Manager
Jeremy Arth
Executive Producer, Broadcast
Yuki Takagaki
Proofreader/Copy Editor
Miles Whitmore
IT Manager
Max Grande
Assistant Brand Manager
Ana Dixon
Chief Financial Officer
Chad Leitz
Group Creative Director
Emilie Weiss
Production Designer
Grant Minnis
Creative Director
Since the moment we opened, our spirit has been one of fundamental optimism. It is not only embedded deep within the definition of our name, but it has guided how we select both our talent and our client partners. We believe in what is possible and, because of that, place immense value in an open-mind, patience, and above all, trust.
Jeremy Kaller
Senior Editor
Alek Weltin
Brand Manager
Jordan Wood
Group Brand Director
Suk Hong
Jordan Smith
Creative Resources Director
JT Pierce
Managing Director
Matt Kelsen
Creative Director
Matthew Ta
Patty Garcia
Junior Designer
Tania Campbell
HR Manager
Zachary Charters
Art Director
Anna Pondare
Linda Casson
Business Affairs Director
Sarah Sutton
Jon Drawbaugh
Head of Production
We aren’t here to win awards; our satisfaction doesn’t come from the validation of industry peers. Instead, it comes from creating wildly breakthrough, effective work for our clients. We are at our best when solving big, complex challenges and we can’t stand the word settle. We aspire to create not only the world’s best agency, but the world’s best place to work. We commit. We hustle. We work our tails off. And we have a heck of a lot of fun while doing it.
Chris Kessler
Senior Copywriter
Jim Vaughan
Executive Producer, Broadcast
Ali Esterly
Creative Director
Brittany Rivera
Associate Creative Director
Jake Ullman
Jacque Vavroch
Associate Creative Director
Joe Nemec
Art Director
Josie Rosensteel
Brand Director
Katherine Berchtold
Brand Supervisor
Tashia Neuhaus
Integrated Producer
Dillon Santoso
Nelson Luesse
Senior Print Producer
Carrell McCarthy
Business Affairs Manager
Martha Abbene
Studio Manager
Sean Grimes
Sr. Art Director