Let the Good Fly

In an effort to help Shutterfly grow its relevance among a new, younger (millennial) audience, ARGONAUT developed a campaign to take their comfort of sharing photos online, offline. In order for our campaign to be successful, we needed to change the perception that holiday cards and custom photo gifts are too traditional, and that photos must be picture-perfect.

Building on last year's holiday campaign, “Anything Fly's,” we knew that this year would hold a whole new array of moments worth remembering—some moments of laughter, some of joy, and some of downright absurdity that only this year could bring. And while 2020 may have looked different from others, one thing was true: there was more motivation to connect in tangible, meaningful ways than ever before. With Shutterfly, whatever you make, the simple act of giving or sharing is the gift of connection, and that’s what matters most.

To unleash more good moments in mailboxes this year, we created a campaign that encouraged people to send that video-call screenshot. Frame that flat sourdough. Make a card out of your kindergartner’s mid-meeting memo... Whatever makes you smile and forward that feeling. Find the good, and let it fly.