Titanfall 2 — Become One

Legends are talked about, but the most legendary of legends are immortalized in song. So to celebrate the epic bond between man and machine in Titanfall 2, we crafted a futuristic ballad of the gunfighter featuring a blend of original live action and custom CGI.

Behind the Scenes

In the making of this film, we didn’t use any video game footage—a highly unusual move for the gaming industry. Instead, we approached our production with the craft and capability of a major Hollywood studio in order to capture the cinematic entertainment experience the game offered.

Drop a Titan on It

We also followed our gaming target where they naturally lived online, surrounding them with digital units that felt like movie trailers, not like online banners. And we created the “Drop a Titan on It” GIF generator, which let fans of the franchise trump their friends’ social posts by dropping a 20-foot-tall mechanical death machine on them.


2017 One Show – Silver pencil for Moving Image Craft: Visual Effects
2017 Clio – Gold Winner for Music
2017 Clio - Bronze Winner for Film Technique, Visual Effects